Alabama: Kids’ songs to rock the state

Posted November 18, 2019 11:31:01 Alabama is the home of kids’ songs.A lot of them, really, like to sing along to.They love rap, hip-hop, country, country-rap, soul and all kinds

How to stop the internet from listening to patriotic songs

The internet can be a powerful force for good, but if it’s not used judiciously, it can also be a source of abuse and hate.This week, we’re going to take

Eagles fans chant “Bob Dylan” as team loses to Broncos

Eagles fans have chanted Bob Dylan songs during the game against the Denver Broncos.Eagles players, coaches and owners have all been heard chanting the lyrics during games this season.ESPN Stats

How to recognise the famous British singer who’s been making the most money in Australia

It’s been a long time coming, but British singer-songwriter Harry Styles has officially cracked Australia’s top 10 most popular songwriters list.As you might imagine, the list has been a lot

Which Disney songs would you like to see as the next new album?

Disney announced this week it will debut a new song called “It’s a Small World” in 2018, which it hopes will inspire a younger generation to be more adventurous.“A song

‘I wish I was a baby’: Baby singer praises ‘troubled’ family

A mother of two, whose mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer, has shared her memories of her late mother and their love for singing.The singer was diagnosed with cancer

What is a song?

The word “song” was coined in the 1920s to describe a single performance or piece of music.But it wasn’t until the 1970s that the term began to encompass multiple genres.That

How to Stop Watching Nickelback Music, Then Stop Being a Songwriter

The last time Nick Jonas and Britney Spears were in a relationship was in 2011.It was a happy marriage.And that’s what everyone is hoping for.And it’s great, right?But if you’re

How to say ‘You’ in English

The Israeli singer’s latest hit song is “You’re a good person,” but how do you say it?This is the question posed to the singer by his friend and fellow musician,

How to listen to ‘Moana’ without buying it

How to stream ‘Moanas’ without paying for it? Here are the songs that I like without paying to listen.1.‘Moans’2.‘We are the moans of all the little people’3.‘The moans will always be

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