Why Bill Withers has a new song title, a new catchphrase, and a new album

A week before the release of his new album, Bill Wethers has released a new track titled ‘A Little Life’.

It’s not a new tune, but the song has a very familiar ring to it.

“I just wanted to have a bit of fun, get a little bit of the crowd into the groove,” he says.

“When I first came into the world, I was in the studio with a bunch of people, and it was quite exciting.

I think I was probably the only one on the planet that was that excited to work on a new thing, because I’ve been playing this stuff for 30 years.”

There’s no doubt I’m a pretty well known figure now, but when I first started it was just a hobby for me, and I’ve always loved playing it.

“There’s a lot of songs that I’ve written over the years that haven’t made it onto anything that I do, but it’s one of the few that I actually did play live.”

But I was also a huge fan of the Beatles, so I’ve also got a huge collection of old songs.

I was listening to ‘A Day in the Life’ all the time, and when I got home, I started putting them on my phone.

I had a little playlist, and the first song that came to mind was ‘Imagine’.

“I thought, ‘That’s the best one out there’.

I remember thinking to myself, ‘Why am I thinking about it?

It’s not my favourite song.'”

I’m going to try and put it on the radio, but I haven’t got the right songs to put it out there, so it’s still quite fresh in my mind.

“So that’s what it’s called, because it’s a new one, so there’s not too many of them.”

And the title?

The song is called ‘A little life’.

It sounds like it might have been written by the likes of Prince, Bob Dylan, and Stevie Wonder, but Bill Witters has been a musician for over 30 years and has been writing music for a long time.

He says the title came about from a moment of desperation.

“It was just sort of an excuse for me to write something I hadn’t done before, and so it sort of made me do it,” he said.

“That’s how it came about, that’s how I got the title.”

As a songwriter, I’m constantly trying to find a way to make something better, and that’s why I like the word ‘little life’.

“There are so many things in life that are just so much more important than any one person, so you want to make things better for them, and for me that’s a little life.”

What’s next for Bill Withering?

Bill Witherings is preparing to release his second solo album this year, and he’s also gearing up for a huge comeback tour in 2019.

“The next album is going to be pretty epic,” he laughed.

“We’re going to get a big tour out there.

It’s still early days for Bill, but he’s looking forward to getting back into the studio.””

We’ve got all the songs that we recorded and recorded on our own, and we’re going on the road in 2019.”

It’s still early days for Bill, but he’s looking forward to getting back into the studio.

“Every day is a new challenge, so every day is exciting, but also I think it gives me a lot more time to reflect and reflect and write music that I’m proud of,” he continued.

“And that’s the key to a lot the stuff that I write.”

Bill Wethering’s new album will be released on September 20, and you can listen to a stream of the new track below.

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