Which song was the most popular in the Korean election?

The song “Happy Birthday” has been the most-played song in Korea in the past few weeks, according to a survey released by the Korea Broadcasting Corporation (KBS).

The KBS poll, which also included news coverage of the election, showed that the song topped the list of the most watched songs in North Korea for the third straight week.

On Thursday, North Korea released a video of the candidate Kim Jung Un and Vice President Kim Young Won as they greet supporters on the day of the poll, before the election results were announced.

The video showed the two candidates walking to the polling station in front of a banner announcing that the polls were underway.

The candidate and vice president stood at attention as their hands waved as a man in traditional military garb came forward to take a picture with them.

At the end of the video, Kim Jong Un held the photo up for the cameras to take, before turning around and saying, “Congratulations.”

Kim Jong Un and Kim Young Young Won were elected as candidates on the same day, and the candidates were photographed together.

Kim Young Won said during the campaign that she and Kim Jung Min were born in the same hospital.

She and Kim Jong Min are also the first candidates to be elected to the Politburo Standing Committee since their election in 2011.

The election results, expected by the end and expected to be announced by late next week, will mark a historic turn in the country’s leadership.

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