How to find the perfect song title for your van song

It’s hard to remember exactly how many songs have been written for Van Halen.

The band’s sound has been evolving ever since guitarist Peter Hook and drummer Joe Perry left in 2004, and while most of the songs written by the band have been well received by fans, there’s still plenty of room for new music to pop up.

The group released a new album in 2018, and some of the most popular songs have taken on new meanings in the years since.

“It’s kind of like finding a new favorite song,” Van Halens frontman Joe Perry told Rolling Stone.

“You’re just trying to pick a few of the ones that fit.”

Here’s a look at some of Van Hales most popular Van Halened songs.


“Paint It Black” The band took a big leap in popularity when they released the band’s first album, 2004’s The Great Escape.

Fans loved the album, but its song “Painted It Black,” which is one of the band ‘s best-known songs, was not well received.

The song became a viral sensation and spawned a YouTube video that has more than 3 million views.

“That song has gotten a lot of play,” Perry said.

“And it’s become such a beloved song, it’s not something that we really even think about.

We don’t have any interest in trying to do that anymore.”


“All of Me” Van Hal enlists the help of his girlfriend, Christina Aguilera, to write the lyrics for “All in the Family.”

The song, which was originally written by singer Patti Smith, has become one of Van Alen’s best-loved songs.

“We wrote that in our bedroom,” Aguileras said.

Van Haleng frontman Peter Hook said he was “not a huge fan” of the song.

“But Patti wrote that,” Hook said.

“[We] thought that it was funny, and that’s how it turned out.”


“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Van Alens “Someday” is one the most iconic Van Halent songs ever.

The music video was released in 2015, and it is often considered one of Hooks favorite Van Ales songs.

The video depicts the band walking through a snowy mountain range.

The singer said he thought the song would be a hit, but he “got so carried away with the song” that he thought it should be played live.

“I thought it was one of those things where the song just couldn’t do it,” Hook added.

We actually did it on a set that had a giant snowstorm.” “

So we decided to go and do something a little different, and to do it live, which we did.

We actually did it on a set that had a giant snowstorm.”


“Violet” The video for “Vampire” is among Hooks most popular and most beloved Van Halents songs.

Van Alenes song was based on his sister, singer/songwriter Julie Graff.

“She was the only girl on the show and we all thought, ‘She’s the girl with the best voice, she’s the most talented singer, she sings the best songs,'” Hook said of the video’s inspiration.

“Her music was really fun to work on.”


“Gimme Shelter” This is one song that was inspired by a real life situation.

“The song is about a girl who has to go to a shelter for a homeless shelter because her dog is sick and she can’t go,” Hook told Rolling Stones.

“To write this song was very cathartic for me because I really don’t want to be a burden for anyone.”


“Hallelujah” In the video for this song, Van Alena has the lead singer and guitarist on stage.

Hook and his brother, Phil, wrote the song after hearing the lyrics on a radio show.

“One of the lyrics says, ‘Halleujah.’

That’s the one that made me think, ‘I’ll write something for this.'”


“Lonely Days” Van alen used the song “Lonesome Days” to show off their love of Van and their love for music.

“Van has a lot more passion and love for the music than most people realize,” Hook explained.

“People think that we’re all just sitting around listening to music, but we actually have a real love of it.

We’re not sitting around drinking beer.

We like to watch movies and listen to music.

So it was a great way to show that.”


“Little Sister” The song “Little Sisters” was created by Van Aleny to showcase his love of singing.

The original lyrics read, “I’m a little sister who needs to be loved/Little sister who can’t take her eyes off of me/Little Sister who can see a big picture.”

The Van Alenees

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