Song Maker: A new, interactive song-maker app from The Lab, co-authored by Ben Goldacre and Simon Peyton Jones

In an effort to improve the song-making experience, The Lab has partnered with music-maker Bohemian Rhapsody to create a new song-writer app.

The app, which is currently available on iOS and Android, allows you to create songs that you can play on the go, and it’s also designed to be as easy as creating a song in a standard iOS or Android app.

To start, the app lets you create a song by selecting a number of songs and then tapping “Create Song.”

Once the app is open, you can then play or rewind the song you just created, as well as change the artist and song’s text and play or pause the song at any time.

You can also record your own song in the app, so you can share it with other listeners.

In addition to being able to create and share songs, you also get a song-creation wizard to help you get started.

“You’ll be able to add new songs, create new tracks, add tags and labels to songs, and you can also choose to add your own notes,” says Bohemians CEO Simon Peyton-Jones.

“The wizard will also let you record your notes, as you’d expect from a song creator app.

We’re excited to share our new app with a whole new audience.”

Song Maker also has a built-in search feature that lets you browse through your own songs, as a sort of music search.

It also lets you add tags, create labels, and add song artwork to your songs.

There’s a built in player, which also lets users listen to songs they’ve created.

The Song Maker app will also have a built In-App Purchase feature that allows users to pay for songs with in-app currency.

“We want Song Maker to be a music-making tool, not just a song maker,” says Peyton- Jones.

“Song Maker can be used for everything from music to gaming to writing lyrics to creating videos.”

SongMaker will be free for the first year, and there will be a paid version that will be available in the future.

“There’s a ton of music-creation apps out there, but Song Maker is one of the few that is designed specifically for the music business,” says co-founder and CEO Ben Goldacres.

“It’s built for creating, not sharing, music, and for those who aren’t familiar with the song writing process, it’s simple and intuitive.

If you’re not into music and want to get into song writing but aren’t yet comfortable with it, Song Maker will get you started.”

Songmaker will be launching in September on the App Store and Google Play, and will be sold as a subscription app.

For more information, visit the Song Maker website.

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