George Michael’s ‘I Love You, Man’ lyrics to a man’s lover are still the best thing to ever come out of the ’70s

The George Michael song that George Michael sang in the ’80s, “I Love, Man,” is still a hit.

The lyrics are still on iTunes, and it’s been streamed more than 30 million times since it was released in 1987.

The song, about a man who falls in love with his wife and has an affair with her lover, has been viewed more than 10 million times on YouTube, where the lyrics have been shared more than 2.5 million times.

But the song was not the first to have its own hit.

In the ’60s, an early version of the song featured the line, “But I love him/I can’t go on,” which was used as the basis for the lyrics to the 1987 hit “I’m Gonna Love You,” by the New Orleans band The Allman Brothers Band.

“I love you/I know you’re my soul mate,” the song begins, and the line is repeated until the chorus: “I can tell you, I know that you’re the one, man.”

“I Know You’re The One” has also been used as a hit on MTV’s “The Real World,” and was used on the show “Dancing With the Stars” in 2017.

The new version of “I’ll Be Your Man” also features the line “I know that I love you,” which the lyrics were taken from.

The line has been reworked and replaced by the original, but “I’ve got this dream that you’ll be my soulmate,” which is still sung by the singer, is still the most popular line on the song.

A new video for the song will premiere Friday on “Saturday Night Live.”

“You’re my dream,” the lyrics of the original “I Will Be Your Life” are still sung, and that song has been seen by more than 1.3 billion people.

“People don’t realize that this song was written by George Michael,” says Mark Ronson, who wrote the song and produced it.

“It was written in the mid-’70s.

It was his version of ‘I Will Stay With You.'”

“George Michael wrote this song, and then he went to do his ‘G.I. Joe’ tour and got into some trouble,” Ronson said.

“But he went on and he’s still a big fan of my work, and I think he’d love it to continue.”

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