Alabama: Kids’ songs to rock the state

Posted November 18, 2019 11:31:01 Alabama is the home of kids’ songs.

A lot of them, really, like to sing along to.

They love rap, hip-hop, country, country-rap, soul and all kinds of pop music.

And that’s where we come in.

A few of the country-rappers we feature in this feature are from the state, as are some of the local favorites, such as the popular singer-songwriter Tanya Lynn.

Here’s what Alabama has to offer when it comes to kids’ music.

Alabama, you’re in good company.

A little background: The state’s most popular children’s songwriter, Tanya-Lynn Williams, was born in Alabama.

She went on to write and sing hits for the likes of Jay Z, Rihanna, Eminem, Britney Spears, Adele and, of course, Taylor Swift.

Williams is also the subject of a book, The Song, that chronicles her rise to fame.

The book, which is a self-published collection of interviews with some of Williams’ biggest fans, is currently in its second printing.

(It’s out on, too.)

Williams’ music is often referenced in Alabama as a keystone to its pop culture.

Her song “Happy Birthday Alabama” is a favorite for the Alabama version of “Happy Thanksgiving.”

In 2015, Alabama’s legislature passed a law requiring that all songs featuring Alabama-born artists include the words “Alabama,” “Southern,” or “Southern state.”

It’s a law that Williams and her team have worked tirelessly to keep in place.

She has written songs that have sold more than 200 million copies, according to her website.

But what about her favorite songs?

Here’s a look at the state’s best local songs: “I’m Yours” “It Ain’t No Miracle” “I Don’t Want You Anymore” “Sweet Little Angel” “My Way” “Let’s Go Home” “If You Wanna” “You’ll Never Be the Same” “Alabama” “Southern State” “The Little Man” “Merry Christmas” “Baby You’re Mine” “Happy Holiday” “Aunt Jemima” “Hush” “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” “Christmas Is Coming” “Teddy and I” “All I Want For Christmas Is You” “Ala” “C’mon Mama” “We’re All In This Together” “Boys & Girls” “Gonna Be a Baby Tonight” “Just Like a Dream” “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide” “Shake It Off” “Dude, I Can’t Wait” “When You Were Young” “No More Rainbows” “Hey Hey, Mama”

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