Carrie Underwood: I have been blessed to sing a lot of music. Now I want to sing the songs that are special to me.

Carrie Underwoods funeral music: I have been lucky enough to have a lot to sing. 

My favourite songs are Pink Floyd, Metallica, Nirvana, and my favourite bands are The Who and The Who II.

I also love country music, jazz, and blues. 

I don’t have a favorite artist, but I do love to sing my heart out. 

In fact, one of the things I have always done is to take a few songs I’ve written and put them in different situations and have them be a part of my music. 

For instance, I was doing a lot at the time with The Beatles, and one day I wrote a song called ‘Hey Hey, It’s Me’. 

It was really cool to write and sing that song with the Beatles. 

Then I wrote another song called The Good Life, and it was the first song I wrote for The Good Place. 

Now, I have written songs that have been in my studio for the past 10 years. 

A lot of them have become part of the repertoire of the shows that I have done. 

And one of my favourite songs is ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, which I wrote back in 2005. 

The song is about an Alabama woman who has gone through a hard time in the past. 

It is really uplifting, and I love that song, and every time I sing it, I’m inspired to sing that. 

One of my favorite shows is The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. 

Stephen Colbert is a great comedian. 

He always has the most fun singing the best songs. 

Another show I really like is The Colbert Report. 

You can see the shows I like on YouTube. 

Sometimes I like to sing songs that I wrote in my house, and the audience will love it. 

There is also one song that I sing every day, ‘When I Go Down’. 

The lyrics are very uplifting and I just love to say them, and sing them, because they really mean something. 

So, my songs are not about being happy, but about being able to express myself in a good way. 

They’re songs that tell stories and I try to sing about the people who are important to me, but they’re also about the things that matter to me and I hope that people enjoy them. 

Some of the songs have been performed at weddings and other occasions, and some have been a part, in a sense, of my life. 

Most of my songs have become an integral part of who I am, but there are some that have remained a secret. 

But, one song I never sang, is called ‘I Am Not a Man’. 

I just don’t sing it very often. 

When I sing this song, I really mean it.

I love to cry, I love to be with my friends, and, most of all, I want people to sing it.

So, if you like the song, you can sing it for me. 

If you don’t, please don’t. 

To me, it is about the meaning behind the lyrics. 

 I love singing songs that really make me happy, and when I sing them I want them to really make people happy. 

Thank you for listening, and remember to be inspired, so that you can feel the same way I do. 

Thanks for reading! 

Carrie Underwood – I Am Not A Man

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