What’s this Song, Bts Songs?

A song by Bts has landed in a major controversy after it was uploaded on a YouTube channel.

The song “I Got Your Love” is believed to have been made by a man who goes by the name of Frank Sinatra.

The video is called “A Song for Frank Sinataroes Wife”, and shows a woman in a room in a house.

The woman is shown saying “I got your love, I got your heart” and is seen in the video being pushed into the bed, as if she is a man.

It is believed that the video is a parody of a video that has gone viral online in which a man is shown trying to kiss a woman.

The video has gone over 5 million views.

However, the video has been deleted from the channel.

The channel’s director said the video was uploaded by someone who has never seen the video and that he did not want to “taint the image of a great man”.

In a Facebook post, director Ashish Mehta, who has also directed several videos on YouTube, said, “We are not ashamed to admit that we were wrong and made this video without knowing what the woman in the clip is saying.”

In another Facebook post on Monday, Mehtas sister Kaur Mehtan said the man who made the video “is not a friend of ours”.

“He did not know what the song was about, what the context of the video really was, what is a true love song, and why we need to tell our children that you can’t kiss your husband,” Kaur said.

“I was shocked to find out that this is a video in which he is kissing his wife in the privacy of his own home.”

Mehta also said he was shocked that the woman was in the house, saying “that would be inappropriate”.

“If you are the father of a daughter, this is inappropriate.

But if you are a man and you want to kiss your wife, this makes no sense.

We are trying to be honest, but we have to be very careful about what we say and how we say it.”

The woman in “A Love Song for My Wife” is shown in the photo, which was shared by the channel’s Facebook page.

Karnataka Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel said he did know the video came from the man, who is now known as Frank Sinara.

“Frank Sinatra’s wife was the first woman to be crowned a pop star in India.

She is known as a real person, who loved her husband dearly,” Patel said.

“I am very saddened to know that she has been killed and I condemn what she has done.”

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