A Day at the Beach by John Denver and Lou Reed

In honor of the upcoming 10th anniversary of the release of John Denver’s Funeral Songs, which became one of the most popular albums of all time, we’re releasing a limited-edition vinyl version of his most iconic song.

The 10-inch vinyl, which comes with a limited edition of two tracks, will be released exclusively on Amazon.com starting on November 4, and will include both a CD and digital download.

It will also include a limited color version of the original track.

The CD is available to preorder now and will come with the standard gatefold sleeve.

The digital download will be available on November 9. 

The vinyl version will be made available exclusively through Amazon.co.uk, and comes with the same limited edition gatefold sleeves as the CD. 

Both vinyl and digital versions will also feature a deluxe cover, with a custom sticker.

The deluxe version will include a custom poster. 

The tracklisting of the new album, which is currently unavailable online, is as follows:1.

Funeral Music – Funeral Song2.

The End of the World as We Know It3.

I Was a Teenage Dreamer4.

I Got My Love for the First Time5.

I Am My Soul6.

I Don’t Know If I Should Be Lonely7.

The Long, Long Road8.


The First Ten Years10.

You Don’t Own Me

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