Which Disney songs would you like to see as the next new album?

Disney announced this week it will debut a new song called “It’s a Small World” in 2018, which it hopes will inspire a younger generation to be more adventurous.

“A song for kids that is very joyful, and a song for adults that is just a little bit more adult-friendly,” says Disney Chief Operating Officer Bob Chapek.

But it’s unclear whether this song will play as the soundtrack to a Disney film.

The singer is part of a trio that includes Katy Perry, Adele and Ariana Grande.

Katy Perry’s “Roar” has also been nominated for a Best Pop Vocal Album Grammy.

“Roaring in the Wind” won the Grammy in 2006 for best song and has been nominated nine times since it was released.

But Perry’s song was never nominated for an Oscar nomination, even though it was a hit in 2010 with its single “Rooming.”

Katy Perry has been vocal in her support of gay rights in the past, calling it “the best thing to happen to me since ‘Same Love,'” and she’s been a vocal critic of Donald Trump.

“He is the first president to openly insult the LGBT community,” she told ABC News in 2012.

“If he is elected, he will be a president who will treat us like cattle.”

But in the last few years, Perry has expressed frustration with the “bipartisan” attitude she’s seen in Congress, as well as the White House, where she’s said she feels like a “bigot.”

“I think there’s a lot of people who are really anti-gay, who really want to take us down,” she said at the 2016 Grammy Awards.

And I think it’s really dangerous to think that because we’re fighting for our rights that we’re all going to get along.” “

They have a lot more power than they have understanding of the situation, and they just think, ‘Oh, you know, if we just get on with it, then everything will be fine.’

And I think it’s really dangerous to think that because we’re fighting for our rights that we’re all going to get along.”

Katy and Arianna Grande were nominated for their first Grammy in 2011, for their song “The Way You Make Me Feel.”

The Grammy nominees are announced every year.

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