Palestinians accuse Israel of killing them with drones

An international court has ruled that Israeli forces killed an estimated 70 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, and indicted Israeli soldiers for crimes against humanity.

The UN Human Rights Council’s Special Rapporteur on the Gaza Strip said Israel committed war crimes and crimes against international humanitarian law when it killed at least 70 Palestinians with drones in the Gaza strip and West Bank, the first time the council has considered the issue.

The council said in a statement that the “unlawful killing of civilians by Israeli forces, including the targeting of civilian homes and civilian objects, constitutes a war crime”.

The council called on Israel to take all necessary measures to prevent such killings in the future and “to prosecute those responsible”.

Israel has repeatedly said it is investigating allegations that the Israeli army fired indiscriminately at civilian targets.

Israel says it is committed to a two-state solution to the conflict and has said it will not allow a Palestinian state to be established.

Israel and the Palestinians are at odds over the status of Jerusalem and the city’s holy sites, which are under Israeli sovereignty and claim sovereignty over parts of the West Bank.

Israel annexed East Jerusalem in 1967 and Palestinians want the eastern sector, home to the al-Aqsa mosque compound, as the capital of a future state.

Israel captured the eastern part of the city in a move that the Palestinians want recognized as the internationally recognised capital of their future state in the West.

Palestinians have demanded the return of all Palestinians who live in East Jerusalem, where they say Jewish settlers live illegally and are in violation of international law.

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