How to listen to ‘Moana’ without buying it

How to stream ‘Moanas’ without paying for it? 

Here are the songs that I like without paying to listen.1.


‘We are the moans of all the little people’3.

‘The moans will always be there’4.

‘My mother’s going to die soon’5.

‘This song is going to make a woman cry’6.

‘When you walk into the room, your mind is the water and the sky’7.

‘I’m so happy, you’re so sad’8.

‘It’s the only time we can go on vacation’9.

‘Let’s get a movie tonight’10.

‘Honey, it’s Christmas’11.

‘All the birds sing’12.

‘Christmas day, all the birds fly’13.

‘Every time I turn around I see you’14.

‘Happy Christmas’15.

‘Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU’16.

‘Here’s to a wonderful year’17.

‘So many things that make me happy’18.

‘A happy Christmas is a day to celebrate’19.

‘God bless the great spirit of Christmas’20.

‘Oh my God, I’m going to be so happy’21.

‘Don’t ever leave me’22.

‘You’re my princess’23.

‘If you’re feeling sad, it must be because you’re alone’24.

‘Santa is just a man who can’t keep himself from hurting you’25.

‘Come on, Santa’26.

‘Do you want me to sing ‘I’ll Be There For You’ with you?’27.

‘That’s right, baby, I’ll be there for you’28.

‘Can I have a Christmas song?’29.

‘Where are you going?’30.

‘Carry on the fight’31.

‘Take me with you’32.

‘Wanna see what I can do’33.

‘Why don’t you hold me and sing it with me?’34.

‘What are you doing, Santa?’35.

‘Just kidding, I think you should stay home’36.

‘No, I won’t!’37.

‘Whoa, baby.

Let’s just get together’38.

‘Merry Christmas’39.


‘Hello, you too!’41.

‘How you doin?’42.

‘Oooh, ooh, Ooh’43.

‘Good night!’44.

‘Hey, hey, hey’45.


Happy Christmas!’46.

‘Welcome to your new home!’47.

‘Please hold me tight’48.


‘Bless you!’50.

‘Thanks, thank ya’51.

‘Dude, I love you’52.


I love ya too!’53.

‘Are you ready?’54.

‘Did you know that we’re not alone?’55.

‘Is everything alright?’56.

‘Now, I know it’s not your fault, but I really want to say thank you’57.

‘Well, we’re just friends, so I’ll just tell you I really love you too’58.

‘Your music is amazing, and I can’t wait to see you next year’59.

‘Me too!’60.

‘Stay with me.

I love Christmas.’

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