Why did Trump’s poll numbers sink?

July 16, 2021 0 Comments

Why did the Donald Trump campaign sink so badly in early polling?

There were two primary reasons: a weak economy and Trump’s lack of success in winning over voters.

But there’s one more that has become a bigger mystery: What happened to the polls in Ohio and Michigan?

Trump didn’t do well in the first poll.

In Michigan, he had a 14-point lead over former secretary of state and Ohio Gov.

John Kasich, who was leading by a whopping 42 points at the time.

Trump, meanwhile, did not win a single poll there in the month of August.

But then the polls began to dip.

In Ohio, the polls dropped from a 5-point advantage to a 4-point deficit in the last two weeks of August, and in Michigan, they dropped from 8-point leads to 4-points in the final three weeks of September.

Why was that?

The answer may lie in a different poll.

Ohio polls began as “off days” that allowed polling places to open on time and had a higher sample size.

The same is true in Michigan.

In the final week of August and the final few weeks of the month, the state was largely off-limits for polling.

But after a week of polls closed in those early months, Trump’s campaign started sending out more polling calls, and they became more likely to be called back in order to get voters to the polling sites.

In both cases, Trump got a higher number of voters to come out and cast their ballot than his opponent.

This was the first time polling places were open in the state for a presidential primary in which Trump and his running mate, Indiana Gov.

Mike Pence, were running neck and neck.

When Trump lost Ohio in the presidential race to Hillary Clinton in November, the final polling place opened for polls in the Keystone State.

But the Trump campaign said the polls were closed in the weeks leading up to the state’s primary.

This week, the Ohio elections board announced that polling places had reopened.

And Michigan polls have reopened.

Why is that?

There are a few explanations for why polling places have reopened in Michigan and Ohio.

The Ohio governor, John Kasich (R), has a very active state Republican party that is backing him in the primary.

That party, which has been critical of Trump, has given him a very large amount of cash in the early going.

But Trump’s team has spent millions of dollars to promote the campaign.

Also, many Ohio voters had already cast their ballots by the time polls opened.

Some of these voters were still undecided in the election.

Trump is also running an ad campaign that’s been a huge success, especially in Michigan’s predominantly working-class Rust Belt.

But in the end, the campaign’s success has been a combination of all these factors.

Polling places opened in the middle of the night in Ohio.

In contrast, Michigan’s polls opened at about 9 p.m.

The polling places in both states were very busy, and many voters had to wait a long time to vote.

That’s one reason why polling was relatively close in Michigan: Trump won the first two days of the polls, and he then lost the rest of the week.

But by the end of the second week, Trump had gained a big lead and was leading in most polls.

In fact, he was so dominant in polls that it was almost impossible for anyone to catch up.

In Pennsylvania, where Clinton was running neck-and-neck with Trump, Trump actually took the lead in the polls on Election Day.

But Clinton eventually won Pennsylvania, by about 2 million votes.

The reason is that Pennsylvania was so close that no candidate really had an edge in it.

That means that Trump was not losing voters by large margins.

The second reason is something that has never been seen in Ohio or Michigan.

Polls in Ohio had a very low sample size, so no one really knew what would happen in the polling places.

Pollsters had to make assumptions about how likely voters would be to come to the precincts and vote, and how much of a turnout there would be.

So in Michigan there were very few precincts that were so small that they could not possibly have any voters come to vote on Election Night.

The final reason why Michigan polling stations opened early is that it made it easier for people to get to the voting sites.

The state has a high concentration of voting centers and they often are the ones that have to close early because they’re full.

But because polling stations were open, many people could come in, and get into the polling booths.

This made it more likely that a lot of people would actually cast their vote, rather than just being there to wait in line.

But it didn’t end there.

When the polls opened, people started showing up to vote in record numbers.

In many cases, the number of people coming to the sites was much higher than the number coming in from other polling places, because there were so many people coming in and out of the polling stations.

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